Difference between commercial and industrial

What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Construction?

difference between commercial and industrial


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In the construction industry, we come across commercial construction companies as well as industrial construction companies. Beginning construction of any structure be it commercial or industrial requires a foresight of possible hurdles and their solutions. Construction companies with rich industry experience are aware of these crucial areas along with the procedures to acquire all the necessary certifications. Are you looking for a commercial or industrial construction expert to successfully execute projects? We are a reputed and highly experienced construction company with a team of expert engineers to design and construct small, medium and large scale projects. Partner with us to execute cost-effective construction projects. Your email address will not be published.

Posted on: May 5, Commercial and industrial construction jobs share obvious similarities, and their successful completion depends on focused management control and coordination of every detail from initial feasibility studies to final permitting. As much as they are alike, these two project categories differ in five key areas. Retail centers and office complexes depend on easy consumer access, ample parking and pedestrian-friendly amenities. Because commercial buildings house service-oriented businesses, their designs revolve around floor plans that promote smooth foot traffic and space that maximizes tenant satisfaction.

As a construction company who has experience in both commercial and industrial construction projects, we've noticed some distinct differences.
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Within the construction industry there are several categories of construction a firm or entity can specialize in. Two of those are commercial and industrial construction and between those two forms of construction services, there are major differences. First, site planning for both is a major difference. When it comes to building location, traffic patterns, to lot size and several other factors, commercial and industrial construction in Ohio varies greatly. When it comes to commercial construction, such as retail centers, consumer access is the greatest concern that must be factored in. But for industrial construction, usually specialized conveyance requirements like 24 hour shipping must be factored in.

Difference Between Industrial and Commercial

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