Joy by king and country

Joy (For King & Country song)

joy by king and country

for KING & COUNTRY joy. (R3HAB Remix)


Luke detailed how a doctor prescribed medication to alleviate her symptoms, and encouraged her to take more as the nausea worsened. After getting a call from his wife while the brothers were on tour, Luke knew something was wrong. After 86 different versions, Joel explains they were able to create a fun and lighthearted song with a deep meaning. Now, as the two embark on a U. And the reason why we do that is because we believe that other people are going through similar things.

The song is played in a F minor key, and beats per minute. The song is about raising positivity and taking out the negative in life. Both members of the group had their say on the song in an interview with Billboard : [11]. On the song itself, I think that people are so attached to their phones, screens, social media that you need to pause and see the joy, in human connection and interaction," says Joel. I feel like when people see the video, it will bring it home and make sense.

Since bursting onto the scene in with their debut album, Crave -- which peaked at No. In fact, there seems to be a genuine buzz in the Christian genre for the duo right now. The film stars Joel and both brothers were involved in its production. Another Smallbone brother there are five brothers in total, plus two sisters , Ben Smallbone, directed the film. A gifted little tribe this Smallbone family is: Luke and Joel are also the younger brothers of singer and public speaker Rebecca St. In their personal lives, both have overcome serious personal hurdles. Everyone is healthy now and the duo seems anxious to get started.

The time has come to make a choice. I choose joy. The inspiring pop masterpiece also represents the exciting adventure into unchartered territory for brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, who were propelled into superstardom with the release of their critically acclaimed sophomore album, RUN WILD. They have garnered four No. But as they reveal in Burn the Ships, there is no looking back, no resting on their laurels.

As well as "Joy" currently on the top spot on the Cross Rhythms chart, the station has been getting a positive audience response to the duo's surprise recording of the John Newton hymn "Amazing Grace" with their sister Rebecca St James, which appeared on the 'My Utmost For His Highest' various artists album. Why surprising? We had Rebecca come out on our Christmas tour last year. We went on a cruise through Alaska together. She's not really sung a lot, she's focussed on being a mum and a wife, an actress and author. I think at the beginning of our career, it's very fair to say that without Rebecca and her music, our journey would have been very different. Joel continued, "We were Rebecca's road crew, we were the background vocalists, we were the lighting guys and so we got to see first-hand the impact of music and we got to see how a live show is presented.

For King & Country: Burn The Boats album that conveys Joy but eschews propaganda

for KING & COUNTRY - joy. (Lyric Video) (4K)

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