Pete and pete mr tastee

"What We Did On Our Summer Vacation"

pete and pete mr tastee

The "What We Did on Our Summer Vacation" episode of Nickelodeon's hit '90s TV show perfectly captures how the search for the ice cream.


Remember on Power Rangers when Billy was devastated after getting a B on a science test? Remember on Pete and Pete when Little Pete fell in love with the mail lady? Only REAL 90s kids will reblog this. It still knocks the wind out of me every fucking time. Log in Sign up.

It was written by Will McRobb though he was uncredited and originally aired in May In Wellsville, the signs of approaching summer are unmistakeable.
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Sign in. See the list. As summer ends, the Petes and Ellen try to befriend Mr. Tastee the ice-cream man, but they soon learn that being an ice-cream man is supposed to be a lonely job. Here is another memorable episode as it's the middle of summer and all the kids are waiting on the ice cream man named Mr Tastee for a taste of a big blue tornado bar and its cooling effects. Everything would have been great but when Ellen, who is working at a photo booth, opens Mr Tastee's pictures it appears that Mr Tastee is a lonely man. So Pete, Pete and Ellen decide that they will become friends with the man in the cream mask.

It centers around two brothers, both named Pete Wrigley, and their humorous and surreal adventures in suburbia among their equally eccentric friends, enemies, and neighbors. Owing to the popularity of the shorts, five half-hour specials were made, followed by a regular half-hour series that ran for three seasons from to Reruns of the shorts and the shows now run on TeenNick as part of their block NickSplat on October 5, Jason Ankeny of AllMusic called the series "the greatest children's show ever", [1] while IGN called it "one of the most well-written kids shows ever". License plates in the show refer to "The Sideburn State. Certain parts of Wellsville were fictionalized for the purposes of the show; Glurt County, mentioned in "Yellow Fever" and "The Good, the Bad and the Lucky", does not exist in any state.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Mr. Tastee

Is there anything greater than summer as a kid? The swimming and ice cream alone make it potentially fever-inducing.


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