Jojo siwa and colleen ballinger

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jojo siwa and colleen ballinger

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Known for wearing bright, big bows and colorful pony tails, JoJo is a trifecta of talent — dancing, acting and singing — which she skillfully demonstrates in her music videos, which promote her hit singles "Boomerang," "Kid in a Candy Store" and "Hold the Drama. One of JoJo's earliest hits was the single "Boomerang," in which she sings about cyberbullying and the courage to move beyond the negativity. She followed up the next summer with a lighter and much sweeter subject, the confectionary treat "Kid in a Candy Store. Just a few months later, the candy queen turned up the beat with "Hold the Drama," another don't-listen-to-the-haters and live-your-best-life pop track, filled with sparkle, fun dance numbers and her signature big, bright bows. So where did JoJo's love of bows come from?

Colleen Ballinger has released a video where she teams up with Jojo Siwa to watch raw footage of her Colleen giving birth to her son. All right then. The Miranda Sings star sat down with the pint-sized bow-wearing legend to give her a nice lesson about the grim realities of the birth process and it's safe to say it was an educational experience for all. The video we see is fully censored, but the one the ladies are watching was not. Then they settle down to watch the magic happen. The pair start off laughing and joking but things soon take a turn as the video gets more and more intense.



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JoJo Siwa has gone from TV star to music superstar. One of Siwa's best friends is Colleen Ballinger, the fellow YouTube star and singer best.
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  1. Bingham Z. says:

    If you've seen lots of little girls wearing really big bows in their hair recently, that's the JoJo Siwa effect.

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    North West's Cutest Pictures.

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    Colleen Ballinger made JoJo Siwa watch her raw birth footage - We The Unicorns

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