Pros and cons of bangs

Pros and Cons of Bangs + How to Style Them

pros and cons of bangs

Pros & Cons of Having Bangs - Elena Boycheva

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I think everyone in my life is probably tired of hearing me talk about this so my obsession with the bangs debate will have to take place here on the blog. My hair choices were out of my control and my mom knew what what was what. A sweaty, shiny forehead with some greasy bangs on it is no bueno. Shout out to Mr. But without bangs…due to the nature of my slightly wavy, very dark hair, it hangs in my face Snape-style. And so the eternal debate continues. I feel the need to take a logical approach to this madness.

Join Us! To get bangs, or not to get bangs , that is the question. First things first—bangs require some serious maintenance. Hair grows roughly a half an inch per month on average, and while this is easy enough to disguise in the body of your hair, you have much less wiggle room when it comes to your bangs. Unfortunately, your flirty fringe will likely be subject to some serious bedhead and often require a little styling before you leave the house. If you have the time, running a flat iron over your bangs is usually the sleekest way to tame them.

Every time I see a Hollywood starlet with bangs, I find myself faced with the conundrum of wanting them for myself. My forehead is either too small or my face is too round. She has the best forehead for bangs. She looks sultry, mysterious, sexy. When I have bangs, I look like myself from the second grade, only taller. In other words, not cute. Honestly, I think bangs is probably the best hairstyle in the world, but they are very disastrous.

The Pros and Cons of Having Bangs

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Bangs or No Bangs – A Pros and Cons List

One of the most popular trends that has made its way from celebs to everyday people is bangs. And while bangs look great on the red carpet, I wondered for myself how they would look on me as well as if I could deal with the extra effort that they take to style. Over Christmas break, I scheduled a haircut at my favorite salon back in Louisville. I had contemplated bangs before but had completely dropped the idea since I have super curly hair. I knew that they would not look good. But recently, I had been straightening my hair and then leaving it for about a week. The night before my haircut at p.

Considering bangs? You're not the only one; fringe is in fashion as more and more women try out the versatile hairstyle. But bangs are not for everyone. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to try bangs at your next haircut. To soften the childish effect of some bangs, opt for longer bangs instead of a so-short style. It can be achieved at home, but you have to be ready to commit. Don't opt for bangs if your local climate will cause your hair to mat or frizz.


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