Tc helicon voicelive play vocal effects and harmony pedal review

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tc helicon voicelive play vocal effects and harmony pedal review

Perfect Vocals in a Pedal. Guitar players get to enhance their tone and sound with effects pedals, why shouldn't vocalists? Now you can have studio-grade EQ .


Are you looking for the best vocal effects pedals and vocal processors for live performance and recording in ? These effects are often used by artists, live on stage, to emulate the studio-version of a particular song. Although vocal effects processors are used in a studio environment, to add an effect to an existing vocal take, they are more often used in a live performance environment. Being a singer myself, I realise that other singers will have different vocal requirements for what they want in a vocal processor. So you can get the most usability for your buck! Therefore, if you are looking for a pedal that only offers a specific feature, please take a look at the following articles featured below, otherwise, enjoy!

Singing is fun, right? But you know what makes it even more fun? After all, the sound is the most important thing! You can also write your own pros and cons for the different vocal processors, which will really help you to compare them to each other. Are you ready to find your new vocal processor?

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I also got a GTX since this one was so superb But from here on out I have all I need. Truly Remarkable! The Voice Live Play has exceeded my expectations. So versatile, sounds excellent! Happy to have this in my pedal collection. Our singer has always had "pedal envy" with the guitarist ;- No more I've got years of studio and live experience and this thing is wonderful.

TC Helicon VoiceLive Play

TC Helicon VoiceLive Play

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