Exp 4000 metal detector and 3d ground scanner

The world of metal detecting with eXp 4000

exp 4000 metal detector and 3d ground scanner

OKM Gold Metal detector Ground Navigator - user video

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They can represent graphical measuring results without using any additional computer. Because of the high amount of optional accessories they are extendable individually. Every customer can purchase only that what he needs for his purposes. The eXp metal detector is by far the most successful geophysical instrument of all our 3d ground scanners. This 3d metal detector is mostly used by treasure hunters, archaeologists and anyone who is looking for gold or hidden treasures underground. The many treasure finds worldwide has proven that the eXp really fulfills all of the requirements which are needed to be successful. By using the eXp ground scanner many buried items can be located at depths beyond most other metal detectors.

They can represent graphical measuring results without using any additional computer. The large number of optional accessories makes them our most individually adaptable devices. Every customer can purchase only that what he needs for his purposes. You may find additional information on our special website www. The eXp is the successor of the eXp

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The eXp belongs to the Earth Imager products which are our high end metal detectors and on the top of the range of FS-Future Series. They can represent graphically the underground and its buried object or included voids without using any additional computer. The detailed analysis on a computer is optionally possible. Because of the many optional components and specialized probes the metal detectors are extendable individually. So every customer can obtain the equipment and accessories which are needed for his individual prospecting needs. The advanced technology of eXp allows ground measurements in brillant resolutions. The handling is absolutely easy, user friendly and possible without the need of a laptop on-site.

OKM eXp 4000 Reviews, Price and Specifications

Earth Imager eXp 4000

His instruments are capable of detecting tunnels, hollow, metallic masses, mineral deposits, water masses and underground Anomalies, to over 25 meters, with 3-dimensional scanning… Read Post. Read Post. A metal detector can find gold to maximum 60 centimeters…. Many probes and accessories thermoscan, super sensor are available as an option. You can also build your own custom package for your treasure hunting.

Email to a friend. Waste of time, money and effort. Mar 09, Treasure Hunting in 3d by R. Torres in Mexico -. I have the eXp gold package. It has the 3d ground scanning feature, the visual detector system for discriminating the metals and the so called supersensor.


The eXp is one of the best metal detectors and 3D ground scanners for gold and treasure hunting.
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