Crescent moon and sun tattoo

50 Meaningful and Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoos

crescent moon and sun tattoo

The Mexican sun and moon tattoo can be easily distinguished from other designs . It looks like the crescent moon cradling the sun. This is a popular choice for.

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Sun and moon tattoo design is one of the classic tattoo designs preferred by both men and women. The sun and the moon are like the yin and yang of the heavens. It reflects the beauty and balance between these two opposing divine forces. This symbolic design allows the bearer to shine by accepting the good and the bad in them and letting these two coexist without any bias. Aside from this, the sun and the moon are also popular for their significant roles in various rituals, traditions, cultures and beliefs, making this symbol a primary tattoo design for those who are into mysticism. There are different types of the sun and moon tattoo. Some of these designs are inspired by the beliefs and myths of certain regions and countries, while others are concepts that were developed to match the modern times and the current representation of these symbols.

Although Venus and Mars are considered the cosmic couple, the Sun and the Moon can also represent union between sexes, erotic energy and a universal love story that has never come true. The sun and moon tattoo designs that encompass both planets together have a totally different meaning than when they are inked separately. The story behind the following imagery can go from showing simple moon phases to highlighting the opposites or worshiping the male or female parts. Speaking of male and female, you must know that the Sun represents the masculine part and the Moon the feminine part. The energy emanated by the Sun is full of strength and power, whilst the energy coming from the Moon is calm and stable. One of the most popular sun and moon tattoo designs presents them positioned in a yin and yang style. This is because they are seen as good and bad, as day and night, and as feminine and masculine.

Much of the popularity of any tattoo design is, quite simply, not symbolic but rather aesthetic. However, we believe that a tattoo is a symbol of our self and social identities. Sun and moon tattoos definitely fall into this category, having such a rich symbolism and multiple meanings. The sun and the moon have been the subject of visual arts, literature, poetry and countless others in the course of human history. Like many of counterparts in the nature day and night, darkness and light, male and female, the moon is the natural counterpart to the sun. Joined together in a design, sun and moon represent a universal belief and expression of the merging of opposites. Nearly in all the cultures throughout the world, the sun is a masculine figure and signifies strength and power.

Sun and moon tattoos are like yin and yang tattoos - except way cuter - representing opposing forces in our universe and within ourselves. These classic, dual gender tattoos feature both the sun and the moon, separate or intertwined, and are popular across cultures, geographies and genders. By deciding to get a sun and moon tattoo, you are embracing the complexity and duality of the human spirit. If you need more design ideas, our team here at TribeTats has curated some of our favorite sun and moon tattoos from across the web. Don't forget to check out the sun temporary tattoos in our Classics Collection and the moon temporary tattoos in our yoga collection.

It is a universal experience to gaze at its rocky terrain from the confines of earth and imagine the vastness of space. The moon represents the antithesis of the sun. Every person that walks this planet is guilty of staring at the moon with wide eyes and a craned neck, hypnotized by the idea of an entity so massive and bleak revolving around the earth. Subsequently, this fascination with the gray rock, which holds the distinction of being the largest planetary satellite relative to the size of the planet it orbits, has influenced our art. In this article we review symbolic and realistic moon tattoos and decipher the difference between a floating rock and a cosmic masterpiece. A barren tree creates the foreground while a crescent moon creates the background of this abstract tattoo that utilizes smears of blue and purple watercolors.

80 Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs with Meanings

As with all tattoos, sun and moon tattoos can be used for the beauty of body art. But many people are tattooed with this design because of the numerous meanings it holds.

Sun and Moon Tattoos | Tons of Ideas & Designs

There is a reason classic tattoos are that, classic. They are part of the mainstream tattoo industry for the reason that they are both for aesthetics and symbolism. Among these classic tattoos is the sun and moon tattoo which can be a perfect ink for any enthusiast. The sun and moon tattoo is a great symbol for living with the good and bad things in life without bias. That is why it is also known as the yin and yang of the heavenly bodies. The sun is known in various cultures and religions in the world. Usually, it is a symbol of the gods.




99 Moon Tattoos that will Illuminate your Imagination





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