Lily collins and taylor lautner

Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner Timeline

lily collins and taylor lautner

Abduction Kiss Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins

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After laughing off his kissing scenes with the rising star, he admitted that he actually felt quite comfortable getting romantic with her. It depends on the person and your vibe together, 'cause sometimes it can totally be awkward," he explained. It was totally fine. Recently, Collins spoke to MTV News about her "Twilight"-hunk co-star and had nothing but praise for the year-old actor. She even teased that, while he's not as shirtless in this film as he is in "The Twilight Saga," there are definitely "some steamy moments in the movie. She added: "There is romance, but it's also partners-in-crime, we're going through everything together. Lautner said that while the two were relative strangers when they began shooting the action film, Collins became his rock onscreen.

While fans can still see Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins get hot and heavy in Abduction this weekend, the cutesy pair's real life romance has already fizzled out. And much earlier, E! News is told, than has been reported. And despite reports the couple called it quits just last week, E! News confirms the formerly canoodling costars actually ended their relationship almost three months ago.

Taylor Lautner says buh-bye to the Twilight Saga and hello to the action thriller Abduction. Oh, and he got himself a new girlfriend, too. Does this mean he and Lily are dating? Abduction co-star Denzel Whitaker spoke out recently about Lily and Taylor being a couple. SheKnows: How does it feel to be moving on from the Twilight series, now that the filming is all over? It was challenging.

Exclusive Details! Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins Split Months Ago

The film, Singleton's last before his death in , was released by Lionsgate Films on September 23, , It had barely begun and now Taylor Lautner's short-lived relationship with Lily Collins is over. According to US Weekly, the Abduction co-stars called it quits just one week before the September 15 premiere of their new film, Abduction.

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Abduction - Gag Reel with Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins: Real-Life Romance Revealed!



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    When Taylor Lautner told us about his hot and heavy onscreen hookup with Lily Collins in Abduction , he left out one very important detail.

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    It looks as if Grand Rapids native Taylor Lautner is dating his recent costar Lily Collins after filming as love interests in "Abduction over the summer.

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