I hate my life and i wish i was dead

I am not always very attached to being alive

i hate my life and i wish i was dead

I Hated My Daughter Until I Found Out The Truth


Editor's note: This story was originally published on July 13, If you or someone you know needs help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention hotline at , anytime. It happened on a brutally hot night, in July, in Charleston, South Carolina. Janis had attended the College of Charleston for her freshman year, and decided to stay there in an apartment off campus, rather than come home to Myrtle Beach for the summer. She went into a closet, attached a leather belt to a hanger rod, and then secured it around her neck.

It keeps moving forward solely because I wake up in the morning and get out of bed. My feet feel like they are mounted in cement. My heart and chest are heavy. These feelings never go away. They are part of this new life.

Well, I hate nice people. I hate them very much. And tried to please everyone who passed by. They would say all these things, and I would just nod and agree. Always trying to be as nice as I could be. Trying hard to impress everyone.

Dear Abby : I am a year-old woman, married for 50 years, and I hate my husband. He wants to go to swinger parties and toss me to other men. I tried it a couple of times for him and hated it. He is overbearing and rude. Every day I wish he were dead, but I feel guilty for these thoughts. Please tell me what to do.

It can happen in the middle of a tantrum, when she is frustrated or very tired, or when she feels everyone is against her. The last time she did it was after falling out with a girl in school. She came home in a terrible mood, taking it out on everyone. My question is: how should I respond to her. Do I acknowledge the feeling?

I am not always very attached to being alive. In middle school and high school, there were the morbid poems, the self-harm, the overwhelming emotions that everyone dutifully labeled teen angst. In college, there were nights when I drank too much and the protective barriers keeping my depression at bay faded to nothing and the thought came to me unbidden, as seductive as it was scary. I want to die. Eventually, I finally stumbled my way into treatment. Yes, I mean it.

All nice people are secretly miserable

The Game - My Life ft. Lil Wayne (Official Music Video)

‘I went on a walk and returned to find my husband dead’

I have three pet cats and I really hate them all. They used to be called Cinders, Smudge and Marmalade although I've recently re-christened them Scratchy, Sneezy and Stinky in honour of the ailments they inflict on my family and me. Stinky is the worst. She had a thyroid problem. This means that her metabolism is in constant overdrive resulting in her depositing at least three squashy mounds of the foulest smelling faeces you could possibly imagine in her litter tray in the basement every day. In a tray in the basement, I hear you say - at least she's dumping in the proper place. Well, that's true.

Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. Recently I've been diagnosed with depression so I'm currently seeing a psychologist which isn't helping one bit. To make matters worse the last things I ever said to my friend were bad so ever since I've hated myself for it and for a few months now I've just wanted to die, I don't to kill myself I just want to full asleep and never wake up. I am so sorry to hear about your best friend. One of my biggest fears is losing someone close to me. I can't imagine what you have been going through.

Age 10, quite literally over spilt milk I was kicked out of our home and slept in the tree house for four nights. I know the buttons of the remote stuck for a couple weeks, regardless of how well I tried to clean it. My 11th birthday, remember the nail polishes I had received as a gift? I played the trombone and I hated the trombone. In your defense, the grass needed cut…so you did that instead. It was supposed to be the best summer yet. I had to walk across town to drive you home.

i hate my life i wish i died !

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    I hate myself, I want to die but don't want to kill myself

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    Dear Abby: I hate my husband and wish he were dead - SFGate

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