Urban and the shed crew

Urban and the Shed Crew: Riveting and Available to Stream

urban and the shed crew

A hard living, disillusioned, ex social worker becomes the unlikely savior to an anarchic gang of joy-riding, drug taking, thieving, out of control, care home runaway kids. Candida Brady, Bernard Hare | 1 more credit». Bravo to Richard Armitage as Chop and Anna Friel as Greta, and.


Candida Brady. Bernard Hare. Tiffany Sharp. Melloney Roffe. Release dates. UK and US:. Blenheim Films.

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Most of the cast, and many of the actual — now adult — Crew attended, including Lee Kirton, Urban himself. But the journey of the members of the Shed Crew was never an easy one. So the show — as it must — went on, and proved to be a powerful and emotional experience for all who knew, and who knew about, The Crew. With the permission of the playwright, here are his cathartic and striking Prologue and his final scene. At this point, nothing official has been announced. For updates, please check Ms.

Urban and the Shed Crew is a powerful, moving story packed with memorable, searing performances, including a terrific ensemble of young actors. Beautifully done, all, esp. Rent it now. Thank you, Candida Brady, for this wonderful film, and thank you, Bernard Hare, for writing something — as Urban says in the film — that means something. Reblogged this on One Last time? Never and commented: If you have not seen this film, do so….

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Urban & The Shed Crew

Based on the real-life story written by Bernard Hare, Urban and The Shed Crew is the perfect example of how a low budget film, shot entirely on location and using local cast and crew, can be more heartfelt and honest than its Hollywood counterpart. Urban Grimshaw Fraser Kelly was born in prison; his mother Greta Anna Friel is a junkie; his father might as well be dead. His gang is a merry company of fellow care-home runaways, thieves and generally turbulent kids. The shady setting of Leeds, with the rundown estates and wastelands, perfectly encapsulates the film, for, under all the grit, there is also hope and beauty. The cinematography by Peter Field also adds to the wondrous tone, with a constantly hazy-dull look, interspersed with vibrant colours here and there. For some, their futures have already been decided the moment they were born and change is but a mirage.

I have been waiting for this release for what feels like a long time. Many of you have been waiting much, much longer. I, of course, did what I always do—I freaked out and then whined to Louise. Thanks to Neil for being so kind and of course as always to my gorgeous Louise, who is definitely the best thing since bread came sliced and the kind of friend every girl should have. Edited to add: Latest info from amazon…. View all posts by Kate.

Urban and the Shed Crew is a film that deals with one of the harsh, depressive realities of our world, using compassion and warmth at its center. Living in a rough, run-down part of the city, Urban is just one of many throwaway kids roaming the streets. Her life seems to take a turn for the better when she crosses paths with Chop. Emotionally scarred, he also has turned to heavy drinking and some drug use, struggling to find a glimmer of hope in the world he lives in. Through Urban and his brother Frank Charlie Heaton , Chop meets more of the Shed crew as they start to hang out at his flat and begins to realize the depths of the parentless, mostly fatherless, children roaming the streets.

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