Domain and range of tangent

Analysis of the tangent graph for period, range, domain and inverse

domain and range of tangent

2. cos(x). Domain: R. Range: [?1,1]. Period: 2?. 3. tan(x). Domain: {x|x = ?. 2 Domain, Range, and Definition of the three main inverse trigonometric.

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Try this with the Unit Circle. A complete repetition of the pattern of the function is called a cycle and the period is the horizontal length of one complete cycle. Because the trig functions are cyclical in nature, they are called periodic functions. Before we go into more detail of each of the trig functions, here are some tables that might help. The second table shows more details for each of the trig functions. Starting and stopping points may be changed, as long the graph covers one complete cycle period. Here are more detailed graphs of the six trig Functions.

Even though students can get this stuff on internet, they do not understand exactly what has been explained. To make the students to understand the stuff "Domain and range of inverse trigonometric functions", we have given a table which clearly says the domain and range of trigonometric functions. In the topic "Domain and range of inverse trigonometric functions", next we are going to see the rule that has to be applied to find the domain of inverse trigonometric functions. For any trigonometric function, we can easily find the domain using the below rule. That is,.

The trigonometric ratios can also be considered as functions of a variable which is the measure of an angle. This angle measure can either be given in degrees or radians. Here, we will use radians. The graph of the sine function looks like this:. The graph of the cosine function looks like this:.

Graphs of Trigonometric Functions. Properties of the tangent function. Domain and range. Zeros of the tangent function. Parity and periodicity of the tangent function. The tangent function behavior and monotony. Properties of the cotangent function.

Domain and Range of Trigonometric Functions




Properties of Trigonometric Functions








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    The domain of the function y=cos(x) is all real numbers (cosine is defined for any angle measure), the range is ?1?y?1. The graph of the tangent function looks.

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    Tangent is one of the basic function of trigonometry along with sine and cosine functions.

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    Algebraic Functions

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