Oranges and lemons say the bells of st clements fragrance

Saint Clement's

oranges and lemons say the bells of st clements fragrance

Heeley Oranges and Lemons St. Clements Fragrance Review


As I've said here many times before, I'm a summer person. I do not like cold, and as long as the weather is warm enough to wear shorts, I have no real complaints. It is named for the nursery rhyme , and it's just the sort of thing you can wear when it's too hot to wear most anything else. The notes are oranges, lemons, bergamot, mandarin, neroli, petitgrain, Earl Grey tea, ylang ylang and vetiver, and it's just what it sounds like: a classic cologne with citrus and woody notes, light and crisp and refreshing, heavy on the orange blossom. It's slightly herbal-green in the opening, gets woodier as it dries down, and the tea is quite subtle. If it were up to me and it so rarely is I would have amped up the tea notes to give it a bit more zing in the dry down, but as it is it's a perfectly enjoyable fragrance. Clement's lasts a couple hours, which is about what you can expect from a classic cologne.

Clement's by James Heeley , is traditional cologne that has been converted into a chic, contemporary, light and fresh English perfume water inspired by the poem "Oranges and Lemons", which reference to a church in the city of London. The perfume combines oranges, lemons, bergamot and neroli with notes of Tea and Vetiver to revive an English classic. Esprit du Tigre ml Heeley Eau de Parfum. Coccobello ml Heeley Eau de Parfum. Iris de Nuit ml Heeley Eau de Parfum.

The name is based on a British nursery rhyme which names all of the great bells of Old London. Its last stanza is quite creepy. I assure you that the fragrance is not! Oranges and lemons, Say the bells of St. You owe me five farthings, Say the bells of St.

Oranges, lemons, bergamot, and neroli combine with notes of Earl Grey tea and vetiver to create a new English classic. Click To View Full Details. Reviews 8. The Scoop. Clements Sizes Available:.

Heeley Oranges And Lemons Say The Bells Of St. Clements ~ fragrance review

Oranges & Lemons 100 ml Heeley Eau de Parfum

Info Reviews 4 Statements 0 Photos 0 Chart. Where to buy. Search on. Oranges and Lemons, say the Bells of St. Clement's is a perfume by Heeley for women and men and was released in







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