Chrysler town and country headphones

Can I use my Chrysler/dodge VES headphones elsewhere?

chrysler town and country headphones

2 Adjustable Wireless Headsets. Infrared (IR) Wireless Headphones. Hard to find these headphones anywhere on the net for this price! These headphones will.

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Repair and support for car and truck accessories, including jump starters and car chargers. It seems like a giant waste to only be able to use it in the car - is there any way I can adapt them to use with my TV or computer? Perhaps with a bluetooth adpater. I do believe that they are IR, not bluetooth. You can only use them if you have the sending IR unit. It looks like that even the different Chrysler vehicles have different frequencies, so you would have to find out from what model they came from. To use it with anything else, you would need to find something that matches the frequency of the headphones; could be tough.

Jonathan answered 7 years ago. I would suggest investing in an MP3 player for yourself. Many of them have a built-in FM tuner that uses the headphone cord for an antenna. I'm looking for compatible windows that can be used to replace a broken left-side window. The window doesn't need to work, it just needs to fill the gap. This isn't my car, so I can't just measure We are getting ready to take a road trip and I want to be able to use an electrical outlet with an electric skillet.

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Chrysler Town And Country Headphone Jack Location

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This listing is for part or sub-assembly number given below only. Don't over pay for your wireless automotive headphones! These are not compatible with other makes and models other than the vehicles listed in the compatibility chart. The return product must be in its original condition and packaging. Contact us for a RMA number. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs of returned items.


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