Josh groban and kelly clarkson

Watch Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Duet

josh groban and kelly clarkson

19 hours ago Since his early debut in the s, Josh Groban has been winning audiences over with his incredible voice.

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Getty Images Michael Buckner. It is performed at the end of the first act by the protagonists, Christine and Raoul. I recommend going back to listen to the version performed by Sarah Brightman and Cliff Richard from the original stage production, which debuted in London in Getty Images Rob Kim. Groban, now 36, was born in Los Angeles and studied at an arts high school where he developed his singing voice. He was admitted to Carnegie Mellon University and intended to study musical theatre when he got his first recording contract and dropped out to pursue his musical career instead. Getty Images Kevin Winter.

Kelly Clarkson has teamed up with a few other singers to deliver powerful performances. Her recent duet with Josh Groban resulted in a rendition of "All I Ask" that left the audience stunned. The song is from "Phantom of the Opera" and is one that showcases the emotions and vocal notes that each singer offers. The voice of Clarkson is beautiful and dynamic at the same time. With Groban's soulful notes, the pair match ideally together as one plays off the other on the stage. Groban adds his own spins to the songs that he sings, which means that he can turn an ordinary song into one that is like none other.

Singers Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson teamed up for a duet that musical theater geeks will adore. Listen to the most important stories of the day. Write to Olivia B. Waxman at olivia. By Olivia B. Waxman April 15, Caption from LIFE.

And ours. The song was posted on Groban's SoundCloud page this week. Groban has sung the song with Brightman on stage in the past. NEWS: What? Kelly Clarkson says no singers want to work with her: "I feel like I have the plague". Groban is also accompanied by a piece orchestra.

Josh Groban And Kelly Clarkson Belt Out A Powerhouse Duet

Josh Groban Kelly Clarkson All i ask phantom of the opera

Josh Groban Invites Kelly Clarkson To Join Him On Stage, Stun Audience With ‘Phantom’ Cover.

Since his early debut in the s, Josh Groban has been winning audiences over with his incredible voice. From his beginning singing great opera arias to his amazing renditions of musical theater songs, Groban has won people over with his classically trained style, with four multiplatinum records. For Stages , Groban needed several collaborators to make the album complete and got such illustrious talent as trumpeter Chris Botti and classical soprano Audra McDonald to help him out. The incredible U. This amazing pairing resulted in the song reaching the 3 spot on the British pop charts.

This song was originally scored for the opera in , but it has become a classic arrangement that continues to wow audiences. And Groban and Clarkson were probably the two best choices for this song. After all, their voices go together very well, and they clearly have chemistry while on stage. He was only 18 at the time, but his beautiful, strong voice made him an instant hit. Since then, he has been performing steadily, wowing audiences all over the world with his classic and soulful voice. Throughout the competition, the judges and audience alike were amazed by her successful performances show after show.

There are some performances that can leave your skin covered in goosebumps. When renowned singers Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson joined on stage for a Broadway duet — the result was nothing less than magical.

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