Lady gaga and beyonce telephone

Deconstructing Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Video

lady gaga and beyonce telephone

Lady Gaga - Telephone (Behind the Scenes) ft. Beyonce


The Fame Monster track listing. The song serves as the second single off the The Fame Monster. The song became Lady Gaga's sixth consecutive number one single. The song was released to US radios on January 26 , It was one of 's most successful songs. The song was originally believed to be titled "Underground" after a song of the same name was registered on ASCAP, citing Jerkins as a co-writer with no original writer credited. After the release of Spears' sixth studio album, Circus , the ASCAP entry was modified to include Lady Gaga as a writer and the name of the song itself to "Telephone", causing fans to speculate a possible release in the future.

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Inspired by her fear of suffocation , Gaga explained that the lyrics preferring relaxing on the dance floor to answering her lover's phone call are a metaphor, the phone calling her representing the fear of not having worked hard enough to succeed. Originally, Gaga wrote the song for Britney Spears , who recorded a demo. Musically, "Telephone" consists of an expanded bridge , verse-rap and a sampled voice of an operator announcing that the phone line is unreachable. The song received positive reviews from critics who frequently noted "Telephone" as a stand-out track from The Fame Monster. The song was particularly successful in Europe where it reached the top of the charts in Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom.

"Telephone" is a song recorded by American singer Lady Gaga for her third EP, The Fame Monster (), the reissue of her debut studio album The Fame.
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Teaming up with " Paparazzi " director Jonas Akerlund, "Telephone" picks up where his previous video left off—with Gaga heading to the slammer after killing off a lover who did her wrong. Saying she is "always trying to convolute the idea of what a pop music video should be," Gaga told E! While many on the interwebs are raving about Gaga's latest, others wonder where the substance is. It's easy to say you want to take something with "quite shallow meaning, and turn it into something deeper," but just because your video has a "Tarantino-inspired quality" doesn't make it profound. However, Gaga's talents aren't without merit. She's a great singer, captivating performer, pushes the boundary of style—she's basically a walking performance art piece.

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Lady Gaga - Telephone (ft Beyonce) (Live)

Telephone (song)

Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Lady Gaga Quelle: Getty Images. Telephone ft. Hello, hello, baby You called, I can't hear a thing I have got no service in the club, you see, see Wha-wha-what did you say, oh You're breaking up on me Sorry, I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy K-kinda busy, k-kinda busy Sorry, I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy Just a second It's my favorite song they're gonna play And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh? You should've made some plans with me You knew that I was free And now you won't stop calling me, I'm kinda busy.



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