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Nicki Minaj blamed a baby for her album sales, and Twitter thinks it's hilarious

kk and baby j merch

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Nicki Minaj blamed a 6-month-old baby for lackluster album sales, and Twitter has been rolling out some golden memes about the whole situation. Despite landing the No. During a Twitter meltdown on Sunday, Nicki blamed Spotify, Travis' merch loophole, Kylie Jenner's promotion tactics, and even the couple's infant daughter, Stormi Webster, for keeping her from the coveted No. For backstory: Nicki is accusing Travis of inflating his album sales by selling the album, tour tickets, and merch as a package. In another tweet, she claimed that Billboard was changing its standards, since the merch bundles boosted the total album units sold. I looked at the numbers the Carters, Kanye, Nas, etc recently did.

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