Himalayan salt stone massage vs hot stone massage

When I Finally Realized That Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is a Game Changer

himalayan salt stone massage vs hot stone massage

How to Heat Himalayan Salt Stones for Stone Massage

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Can a small change in your massage practice make a big difference? Take a look around at the tools and products you are using in your practice. From your massage oil to your massage table, your practice is made up of a number of different elements that create your interaction with your client. While new products and technology are often vying for your attention, sometimes getting down to pure basics can give a big pay-off Consider stone massage, for example, basalt stones have been used as the industry standard for stone massage for years, but as a spa director and massage therapist, I discovered how making a change to the stones we used could improve the wellness benefits for our clients and increase our revenue.

You may already be familiar with the benefits of Himalayan salt as it relates to cooking and air purification. The massage therapist uses the stones as an extension of their hands to knead your muscles, similar to Himalayan salt stone massage. However, while the vibrant, pink Himalayan salt stones are more helpful for your skin and spirit, basalt stones are ideal for pain relief and other physical benefits. You can expect the following from a hot stone massage:. Many clients report a deep sense of relaxation during and after a session. Since one does not cost more than the other, the choice is yours.

Fast forward to September at the International Spa Association conference, when I was captivated by a bowl of warm stones that appeared to be glowing. I could not get over these stones! We are so excited for you to try them and these are the top 5 reasons we fell for the Salt Stones:. Look for this new service to be available before May The salt stones will help us in our goal to be more environmentally conscience.

Why Choose Himalayan Salt Stone Massage?

Elements of the Earth Warm Stone Massage



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