Arts and crafts baldis basics

Baldi's Basics

arts and crafts baldis basics

All Character Voices - Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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See More by ckaitlyn. Featured in collections. Baldi's Basics by MissArtisticDraws. Baldi's Basics by KayleetheDragacron. Featured in groups See All. Baldi's Basics FanArt.

Cuphead Comic Dub 67 - Baseball Cups! Cuphead Comics! With Cagney! Bullying in the halls - Baldi's Basics animation. Cuphead Comic Dub 57 - Cuphead Fanart! Cuphead Memes!

Featuring Baldi's Basics Animations! Baldi's Basics Education and Learning comics! I typically make comic dubs for games like undertale, cuphead, sonic, and pokemon! I occasionally make reaction videos and let's plays as well. I do my best to make sure that these videos are all fun videos for kids!

Arts and Crafters is a white and grey long-sleeved sock-puppet sporting googly eyes the right eye being bigger than the left , with a black mouth and a red tongue made out of cardboard. Observing, Arts and Crafters is being worn by a right hand. His sprite is only mildly dithered, unlike Principal of the Thing. Arts and Crafters first seems to have a shy personality, preferring to stay by himself and avoiding other people. Unlike the other characters in the game, he never speaks, only making a screeching sound when confronting the Player. When the Player begins the game, Arts and Crafters will not be seen often. He disappears around corners when the Player steps into view, and becomes invisible if the Player gets too close.

baldi's basics arts and crafts


Ask Arts And Crafts Part 14 Baldi S Basics Comic Dubs With Playtime Baldi And First Prize






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    Arts and Crafters

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    I want to make Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning into a full game!

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    The devil makes three ain t nobodys dirty business northern lights lodge stowe vt

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    Ask Arts and Crafts Part 6 (Baldi's Basics Comic Dubs) - VOAdam

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