Professor layton and the curious village walkthrough part 1

Professor Layton and the Curious Village Walkthough

professor layton and the curious village walkthrough part 1

The Professor Layton and the Curious Village Walkthrough is a comprehensive step by step fully illustrated easy to follow guide. With only minor differences, the .

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You can also browse the puzzles by category. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It lists all puzzles that are in the game. US: Where's the Town? UK: Where's the Village?

Professor Layton and the Curios Village is the first in a range of challenging puzzle Professor Layton and the Curious Village is an outstanding mix of charm The game's puzzles are jammed into this standard adventure game Put your puzzle-solving prowess to the test and play detective in an adventure where only successfully solving brainteasers will enable you to By Owen S.

Talk to Percy the guy looking at his watch to trigger Puzzle If you solve the puzzle, he shares some gossip about the Reinholds. Tap the clock face on the Clock Tower to trigger Puzzle Talk to Marco the guy with the sunglasses to trigger Puzzle In order to cross the river, talk to Ramon the guy with the big lips. This triggers Puzzle

It follows Professor Layton and Luke on their quest to find the Golden Apple, a mysterious inheritance hidden somewhere in the village of St.
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Professor Layton and the Curious Village is a game with a story driven by puzzles. You will have to explore the village, discover its secrets and solve its most peculiar mysteries to unravel the fortune of Baron Reinhold. This walkthrough will guide you through the quickest way to find and trigger all the puzzles, reveal the location of hint coins and obtain every collectable you can get. If you are stuck on puzzles, the chapter walkthrough has plenty of links to direct you to the relevant Puzzle guides, where every hint and the puzzle's solution is available without you having to spend a single Hint Coin. Try to resist the temptation to check them straight away, since the most satisfying part of the game is solving a difficult puzzle by yourself! To begin your adventure, proceed to the Prologue. Namespaces Page Discussion.


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