How long can you hang a deer before butchering

Aging Venison

how long can you hang a deer before butchering

Nov 3, Here's how long you need to wait for the tenderest meat. Freezing before this is complete results in thaw rigor, or more colloquially and you can keep a close eye on the meat, two weeks is not too long to hang an old buck.

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Like all meat, deer must stay between 28 degrees and 40 degrees Fahrenheit to slow bacterial growth that causes spoilage. Aging deer meat by hanging it improves its taste and tenderness through the work of natural enzymes in the flesh. How long you can hang a deer depends on the temperature where the carcass will be hanging. If you have access to a large meat locker or live in a cold climate where the temperatures stay between 29 and 40 degrees, you can hang your deer for 14 to 18 days. The meat will start to freeze at 28 degrees -- rather than 32 degrees -- due to salts and minerals in its flesh. If your deer hangs in temperatures above 40 degrees, bacterial growth will speed up and cause spoiling. Don't hang your deer for more than four hours when temperatures are above 40 degrees.

Help Remember Me? Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 26 to 50 of Thread: How long do you hang your deer before butchering? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Oct Posts My processor has my deer back to me in days packaged and frozen. The meat is always great.

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How to Butcher a Deer. Aging Wild Game. The importance of Aging Meat has often been disputed, here are the facts ,. Courtesy of www. Shortly after the slaughter of an animal the muscles stiffen and the animal goes through a chemical process called Rigor Mortis. This process gradually disappears and the natural tenderizing begins. There are natural Enzymes in the flesh of all animals.

No one wants to eat rotten meat. On the flip side, no one wants to chew on shoe leather, either. So to avoid those two extremes, the question successful deer hunters face shortly after putting away their rifle or crossbow is: How long should I hang my deer before cutting it up? The answer to that question is definitive: It depends. On average, five to seven days is the ideal length of time to hang your deer.

How Long To Hang A Deer Before Butchering?

Carcass Care in Less-Than-Ideal Conditions, Hot Weather, Aging, Spoilage Prevention

How Long Can You Hang a Deer Before Processing?

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The best answer is, it depends. A lot of hunters in southern states skin and gut their deer in one step. From there, they cut meat off the bones immediately to get it cooled down as quickly as possible. In most cases, hunters prefer to hang their deer to age the meat. After recovering the animal, take pictures and then begin field dressing the animal.

Tips for Processing Deer and Aging Deer Meat, With Videos



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