Words you can make with the periodic table symbols

Blogging the Periodic Table

words you can make with the periodic table symbols

Easy way to learn names of elements, CBSE Class 10th Chapter 5 :Periodic Classification of Elements

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This pictorial periodic table is colorful, fun, and packed with information. In addition to the element's name, symbol, and atomic number, each element box has a drawing of one of the element's main human uses or natural occurrences. The table is color-coded to show the chemical groupings. It does not overload kids with a lot of detailed numbers, like atomic weights and valence numbers. Note: Elements in Pictures and Elements in Words are a set. Either may stand alone, but they work best together.

The periodic table of elements was first created by Dmitri Mendeleev in Mendeleev realized that by arranging the elements such that each had a higher atomic number than the one to its left, and similar properties with those in its same column, he could reveal essential truths about the structures of the elements. Few schools today ask students to memorize the periodic table. But a simple game of creating words using the elements is a good way to help students remember the elements and their symbols. Given that this represents more than half the alphabet, there are a great many words that can be spelled from these elements alone. One-letter elements is a great introduction to spelling words from element symbols. From here, have them create longer and more complicated words.

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Periodic Table of Elements, Making Words from Element Symbols, Interdisciplinary

It happens all over the periodic table. The chemical symbol for lead is Pb. - Specific languages.

Full source code is available here. Sitting in my 5-hour-long chemistry class, my gaze would often drift over to the periodic table posted on the wall.


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