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Lessons from Obama's tan suit 5th anniversary

obama tan suit fox news

President Obama jokes about 2014 summer suit

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Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Cuomo and Lemon remember Obama's tan suit controversy It's been five years since former President Obama gave a news conference at the White House while wearing a beige-colored suit. CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon take a look at why this fashion choice choice sparked outrage among political pundits in

Update: This post was originally written in It's now been five whole years since the tan suit. The world has changed in that year. But when it comes to how ridiculous the controversy looks in hindsight, well, nothing's changed at all. I think about the Obama tan suit fiasco of all the time.

Obama's tan suit controversy hits 5-year anniversary

While President Trump is currently trying his best to defend his administration's choice to leave many essential government positions empty, we're looking back at a time when the President wearing a tan suit was the biggest controversy of the day.
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The hosts read into his every move even claiming his choice of burger topping proved he was an elitist. This suit made quite a ruckus. In August , NowThis tweeted a video on the three-year anniversary of the forbidden suit, which compiles the many moments Fox News anchors lost their minds over the insane controversy. Condiments say a lot about a man, according to Fox News. Roger L. Fox News is always keen to pit the 44th and 45th presidents against one another. I think U.



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    4 days ago It's no secret that Fox News isn't a fan of Barack Obama. living in simpler times when the biggest presidential scandal was Obama's tan suit.

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    The year was pretty ridonkulous across the board, but Fox News had itself a doozy of a , with a string of controversies, slip-ups, feuds, and strange happenings.

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