97 jeep grand cherokee transmission

Add Transmission Fluid: 1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee

97 jeep grand cherokee transmission

Transmissions are hard enough to diagnose or work on in person, let alone to do it over the internet with barely any info on problem. Also ATF.


I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that seems to have a very similar problem as most people are having. My jeep will shift into 1st and second okay but when it does to third I have to rev the engine up to high rpm's before it clicks over, and usually more than one time. When its cold its worse. Now, when I try to go in reverse I have to start the car, let it warm up for a sec and then shift into reverse, sometimes its smooth and sometimes I have to rev the engine to make it jerk into reverse. The engine light is on and the trouble code is 37 and the OBDII code is p or something to that effect. Please help! Do you.

45RFE: A four speed automatic transmission was used in Jeep Grand L engine and it continues to be used in Wrangler with L engine. Comanche & through Jeep Grand Cherokee with L engines.
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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ was the first of the sport utility vehicles that were introduced between , and involved both American Motors and Chrysler, who bought out American. The model year has the SE attached to it. Power windows and doors were not included in the standard package until Most ZJ owners do most of the maintenance themselves, which means that the fluids have to be maintained within proper ranges to continue to have a good solid ride. XJ Grand Cherokees have parameters that are specific only to them, so make sure you verify and look up what fluid type you need.

Braeger Chevy helped make these videos. We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car. This video shows you how to add transmission fluid to your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Before adding transmission fluid, make sure that your engine was running when you checked the fluid level. If the transmission fluid level on your Grand Cherokee is low, you need to add fluid through the dipstick tube.

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David Hobbs helped make these videos. We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car. This video shows you how to add transmission fluid to your Jeep Cherokee.

Diagnosing Jeep Grand Cherokee Shifting Problems

There is a common issue with shifting on a number of Jeep Grand Cherokee models as they age and their mileage increases. You're often still able to drive the vehicle, but it only operates in one or two gears. For example, you may find that you're only able to drive the car in the automatic transmission's third gear, only being able to select the other two gears when you shift the transmission manually. The most common cause of transmission problems is the easiest to fix: check the fluid level in the transmission and restore it to the proper levels. Very often, this will solve the problem. But Jeep Grand Cherokees seem especially prone to more serious transmission problems, and some owners are quite vexed at their inability to determine the causes. On models with OBD onboard diagnostics systems, a code scanner plugged into the diagnostic port gives you a reading to help identify the problem.

My wife has a jeep grand cherokee and while driving on a long road trip when the tachometer gets over RPM it makes a really bad sound like a serpentine belt shredding and the vehicle shifter stays in gear but the transmission doesn't. When this happened I put the transmission in neutral and pulled of the road stopped and then put the transmission back in drive and it worked fine until I got over rpm again and it did the same thing???? Traded it quick and bought a Suburban which was a very reliable vehicle This is an extremely common issue with these vehicles. They go not more that 75k without a new transmission.

Export models produced at the plant in Graz, Austria, were given the vehicle designation of "ZG". The Limited model offered a digital climate control system. All models offered a digital Electronic Vehicle Information Center EVIC that monitored critical vehicle systems and provided audible and visual feedback when a fault was detected doors, hood, tailgate, engine coolant level, engine oil level, and front and rear lighting systems were some of the systems monitored by the EVIC. In addition to monitoring vehicle status, the EVIC could also display current date and time information and vehicle service interval reminders, and could be set via buttons on the EVIC screen. An overhead console provided a mini trip computer with current direction of travel and exterior temperature information in Celsius or Fahrenheit , as well as elapsed time, mileage remaining until the fuel tank is empty, and trip mileage for two trips Trip A and Trip B. Keyless entry allowed for easy access to the vehicle without having to insert the vehicle's key into the door lock cylinder, and could also arm or disarm the class-exclusive vehicle security system. The interior lights illuminated whenever a door was opened, and could shut off automatically along with the automatic headlamps.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ)




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