Benefits of drinking grape juice

Top 12 Health Benefits of Eating Grapes

benefits of drinking grape juice

Grapefruit Diet: Does it Work? - UCLA Center for Human Nutrition


Red wine is probably better for you than grape juice because the fermentation process involved in making wine changes the makeup of the juice, and the skin of the grape, which is loaded with healthful antioxidants, is more likely to be used in the winemaking process, said Dr. The color of the wine indicates how many healthful nutrients known as polyphenols the drink contains. Red wine also contains alcohol, and many observational studies have shown that drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, he said, by increasing levels of healthy HDL cholesterol and reducing the clumping of platelets that can lead to clots inside blood vessels. Guarente, who started a company that sells supplements that contain a resveratrol cousin. Grape juice is also high in sugar, and people tend to drink a lot of it, which could be unhealthy, said Sara Baer-Sinnott, president of Oldways, a nutrition organization that advocates eating the Mediterranean diet. The bottom line, Dr. Guarente said, is that there is plenty of scientific research linking red wine to health benefits, but no similar studies in grape juice.

From being utilized in desserts, mocktails and cocktails, and salads to being the primary ingredient in making wine and raisins, it is not without reason that grapes are known as the queen of fruits. Categorized under the group of berries, grapes come in various types and hues ó green, red, blue, purple and dark red. You would be surprised to know that around 72 million tons of various kinds of grapes are grown every year around the globe. While a major part of the grape production in the world is utilized by the wine making industry, the rest of the lot is consumed as fruits and a little segment is utilized in making dried fruits out of them. It is said that grapes were first locally developed in the Middle East.

Lots of people keep grape juice in the fridge just to serve the kids at kiddush, but there are so many reasons to keep grape juice around for the adults as well. In fact, some may even say that "grape juice season" is coming as we approach Purim and Passover. Personally, I don't know that many people that can drink all 4 cups of wine. Lucky for us, there are more reasons than ever to save some for the grown ups. The flavonoids plant nutrients found in grape juice are similar to those found in wine and they will raise the level of HDL good cholesterol and improve heart health. This is the big buzz word in many health stores lately, and it is naturally present in grape juice and has been seen to prevent the formation of tumors and prevent cancer. Maybe purple should be the new pink.

Grapes and grape juice contain antioxidants. So can you drink grape juice instead of wine for the health benefits?.
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Grapes have been cultivated for thousands of years and have been revered by several ancient civilizations for their use in winemaking. There are many types of grapes including green, red, black, yellow and pink. They grow in clusters and come in seeded and seedless varieties. The majority of grapes grown in the US are from California. One cup grams of red or green grapes contains the following nutrients 1 :. One cup grams of grapes provides more than a quarter of the RDI for vitamin K , a fat-soluble vitamin vital for blood clotting and healthy bones 2. Antioxidants are compounds found in plants, for example.

Why Should You Choose Grape Juice? 10 Proven Benefits and Interesting Facts





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