Which premier league team should i support flowchart

A VICE Sports Guide to How to Pick an English Premier League Team Guide

which premier league team should i support flowchart


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Must read preface: For several years on my own site and then on a Western New York soccer blog, I gave prospective fans of the Premier League a guide to choose a team. In no way do I claim to give anything other than an opinionated overview that I believe to be a fair representation of clubs whose history far outlives even my fandom of the beautiful game. And as time goes on, this is less and less a necessity. We are talking about the biggest league in the world, after all. By all means, continue onward! So without further ado, I submit to you my beginners guide to selecting a Premier League team. Arsenal is the most-supported team in these here United States of America, and their passionate fan base is almost impossible to miss.

There are a countless number of professional football leagues around the world , but none compare to the UK's "Premier League". It consists of various legendary clubs that all have a huge global fan following. Are you looking to hop on to the Premier League fun? Are you unsure about which team to support? Then there's no need to stress, take this quiz and it will help you find the perfect Premier League team for you to support! Moderately important - I'd like a team that may be in a position to challenge in the not too distant future.

See Full Schedule. However, Gooners are well known for their apparent eagerness to criticize the team. These days, it seems not a full-time whistle blows at Villa Park without a chorus of boos echoing around the stadium. You can probably imagine the backlash. So, to summarize, they are angry, and there are a lot of them.

There are a countless number of professional football leagues around the world, but none compare to the UK's "Premier League". It consists of.
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So you've noticed the increase in popularity of soccer in this country, whether it's the support of the United States women's national team at the World Cup to Premier League jerseys seemingly in every city in America. It's a great time to get into the sport if you haven't already, as you can argue that there is more soccer available on television in the United States than any country in the world. Every Premier League game is available to watch in the United States, and that makes supporting a team much easier. The time has come to pick a team, to pledge your allegiance to a club in arguably the best league in the world. Whether it's waking up to see your new team play at a. What is important, in my opinion, is to find something that connects you to a team.

Which English Premier League Team Should You Support?

QUIZ: What is your FAVOURITE soccer CLUB? Football Quiz

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You can find all the stories here. It's that time of year again namely, August when Americans look ahead at the sports calendar and suddenly wonder which English Premier League team they should support. Thankfully, journalism comes to the rescue once again with a content strategy aimed at this specific sort of American sports fan. But the media's desire to help now presents a new problem. Which guide should be used?




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