Castor oil pack for constipation

An examination of the effect of castor oil packs on constipation in the elderly.

castor oil pack for constipation

Castor Oil Packs and Constipation

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Castor oil has long been used in folk medicine, dating back to ancient Egypt, for a number of ailments including constipation. It comes from the oil of the castor seed. Castor oil packs are typically recommended because of their ability to promote healing, reduce inflammation , improve circulation especially lymphatic circulation. It has also been found to reduce symptoms of constipation. They are typically made with a number of layers of flannel and cold-pressed castor oil which is then placed on the affected area. Castor oil pack can be purchased online at health food stores and online.

July 26, 8 min read 0 Comments. I have been hearing about the castor oil pack my entire life. It took my getting really sick so sick that I was completely dysfunctional, unable to get out of bed and simply not myself for me to finally experiment with this magical healing tool. My energy was a frazzled mess propelled by anxiety and adrenaline and it was this stressful state that motivated me towards accomplishment. I was constantly on the go, never taking a moment to just be.

The standard definition of constipation is having fewer than three bowel movements per week. Everyone goes to the bathroom on a different schedule, though. Some people have several bowel movements per day, and other people have just one bowel movement per day or go every other day. Hard stools can force you to strain while trying to go to the bathroom. Chronic constipation also causes symptoms like abdominal pain and bloating.

Does castor oil help constipation?

Grease Lightning: Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs are one of my favorite economical ways to gently detox the body. Lymphatic congestion is a major factor leading to inflammation and disease. Hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules allow waste to be collected from your tissues and transported to your blood for elimination, a process referred to as lymphatic drainage. When your lymphatic system is not working properly, waste and toxins can build up and make you sick. This is where castor oil comes in.

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Castor oil has been around for centuries and dates back to its use in Egypt over 3, years ago 2. Castor oil packs have the ability to promote both the circulation of blood around an organ and an area of the body as well as increase the flow of fluids through the lymphatic system. Traditionally used in alternative medical practices such as Ayurvedic therapy, research regarding the effects of castor oil remains limited due to lack of funding for clinical testing. However, the use of castor oil remains widespread. Anecdotal evidence suggests that castor oil packs are a trick of the health trade that has not been forgotten and with good reasoning.

How to Make and Use Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil has been used for centuries in traditional folk medicine practices but can it actually help relieve constipation? Castor oil is simply a vegetable oil made from the castor bean or technically the castor seed and is a colourless, very pale yellow liquid with a mild, or with no odour or taste. Castor oil in the treatment of constipation can be used in one of two ways:. A castor oil pack, when placed on the skin, is thought to enhance circulation and promote healing to the affected area and therefore, when placed on the stomach, can improve digestion and may relieve constipation symptoms. There has been one small study that looked at the effects of castor oil packs on elderly patients who suffered with constipation, some of whom had been affected for at least 10 years.

Castor oil packs have a long history of use dating back to ancient Egypt. It has also been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine practices. I personally have been doing a castor oil pack about five times a week for the past two years. Castor oil has anti-inflammatory, healing, lubricating, anti-infective, analgesic pain-relieving , depurative detoxifying , decongestive, antisclerotic breaks up scar tissue , and circulatory, lymphatic, and immune stimulating effects. Always massage in a clockwise direction in order to match the natural peristaltic movement of the intestines.

Castor oil has long been used to relieve constipation. Learn more about how it's used, who can use it, and its side effects.
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