How long does it take to get cbp test results

Customs and Border Protection Officer: Career Guide

how long does it take to get cbp test results

CBP hiring process

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CBP Officers are tasked with enforcing hundreds of U. CBP Officers screen all visitors and cargo that enter the U. By land, sea and air, Officers prevent narcotics, agricultural pests and smuggled goods from entering the U. Applicants must pass a medical examination, fitness assessment, drug test and a thorough background investigation. Your fitness level must allow physical duties in harsh environments on some occasions.

Once hired into the agency, officers will enjoy excellent benefits including tuition reimbursement, a thrift savings plan, and paid holidays and sick leave. A CBPO works at or near one of the United States' ports of entry to thoroughly screen all visitors and returning citizens, as well as any cargo that is entering the country. While CBPO jobs are similar to border patrol agent BPA jobs, and some of their duties overlap, these two federal jobs are different in focus. Customs and border protection officers focus on facilitating the flow of legitimate trade and travel, determining the admissibility of individuals into the US, and preventing the illegal entry of individuals and prohibited goods. Border patrol officers typically patrol international land borders and points of entry to apprehend undocumented individuals and prevent human trafficking. Fields of study at the academy include anti-terrorism, firearms handling, arrest techniques, and passenger processing. The first year of employment as a CBP officer will be probationary in nature, subject to termination if the agent is found to be unfit for the job during that time.

Has anyone taken the CBP Officer exam?

Differences: CBP Officers vs. Border Patrol Agents

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Discussion in ' Federal Employment ' started by hireme , Jun 22, Log in or Sign up. I got a I know that seems low, but I was kind of surprised that I even passed the thing its a lot harder than the MA police tests. Anyways, I picked my Geographic location as Washington State. Anyone else on here take the test or anyone work for customs that could give me some insight about the job, or if I even have a realistic shot of getting on with a

Its agents try to stem the flow of undocumented aliens and help prevent terrorists or their weapons from entering the United States. Agents must undergo a rigorous application process that could take as much as 18 months. You register online for the exam through the Customs and Border Protection website. You answer the preliminary questions. If the CBP thinks you meet the minimum qualifications, they schedule you for the exam.

Log in or Sign up. Has anyone taken the CBP Officer exam? I'm taking my Customs and Border Patrol officer exam on Friday. Wondering if anybody else on here head over taking it period any pointers? Mistakes to avoid? First, it's Customs and Border Protection. It's a mostly common sense.




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