Orbera gastric balloon side effects

11 Things You Need to Know About a Gastric Balloon

orbera gastric balloon side effects

Intragastric Balloon Weight Loss Procedure Video Brigham and Womens Hospital

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This retrospective study reviews already published cases of severe visceral complications for the purpose of assigning responsibility to the device, the patient, or the doctor. For the gastric perforation the endoscopist was responsible in nine cases, the patient in four, and the balloon itself in nine. For the two cases of esophageal perforation, the endoscopists were responsible, while for the 12 cases of bowel obstruction, the patient was responsible for seven and the device for the other five cases. Mandatory education and accreditation of physicians dealing with bariatric endoscopy and strict supervision of the obese individuals, while living with the balloon, will eliminate such complications. Use of an intragastric balloon IGB , always under strictly determined indications, as an alternative, minimally invasive treatment for morbid obesity has a long history of early enthusiasm and late disappointment, successes and failures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Access your health information from any device with MyHealth. You can message your clinic, view lab results, schedule an appointment, and pay your bill. Although this bariatric procedure is not considered major surgery, there are potential risks and side effects. Some side effects are more common as it may take some time for your body to adjust to the presence of the balloons. Although unlikely, there are risks of balloon deflation.

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Will i gain the weight back after removing the Orbera balloon? Published What are the possible side effects associated with the gastric balloon? It is very.
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The recent FDA alert about deaths related to the intragastric balloons for weight loss has triggered concern and questions, both from those with the devices in place and those considering the procedure. EndocrineWeb gathered details about the devices, information from the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA and the two companies involved, and informed opinion from a physician expert. Here, what to know now. Three balloon systems are FDA-approved for weight loss in the U. Obalon, approved in , is not involved in the recent alert. Both were approved in for use along with diet and exercise for those whose body mass index BMI is 30 or higher and who have been unable to shed weight through lifestyle changes alone.

Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

ORBERA Gastric Balloon Was "Perfect for Me" - Julie's Story

Intragastric Balloon Deaths: What the FDA Wants You to Know

Complications from overinflation and acute pancreatitis can create problems for obesity patients treated with intragastric balloons, according to a statement from the Food and Drug Administration. In a letter to health care providers published on February 9, , the FDA warned of the two specific issues that have been the subject of multiple adverse event reports. Neither product mentions overinflation risk in its labeling. A separate set of adverse event reports noted the development of acute pancreatitis caused when the balloons compressed other gastrointestinal structures. Both the Orbera and ReShape products were associated with pancreatitis, although neither lists pancreatitis as a potential complication on their labels. Pancreatitis was reported as early as 3 days after implantation, and symptoms included severe back and abdominal pain. The FDA letter recommends that health care providers consider overinflation and pancreatitis in their differential diagnoses of obesity patients with intragastric balloons who present with the symptoms described, and to report any type of serious adverse events associated with intragastric balloons to the FDA through the MedWatch program.

FDA confirms complications from intragastric balloons

Here are the top questions asked, and the answers you may need to make your decision. It is important for you to understand that the balloon is a tool to aid weight loss and must be used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and a behavior modification program. The amount of weight you lose and maintain will depend on how closely you follow your diet and adopt long-term lifestyle changes. On average, patients lost 3. In the US clinical study patients lost an average of However, if the balloon should spontaneously deflate, you may no longer feel full after eating.

The gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss option for adult obese patients who are unable to lose weight with traditional methods. During a short, minimally-invasive procedure, an inflatable weight loss balloon is placed in the stomach. The balloon stays in place for six months to help the patient feel full, eat less, and lose weight. The device also called a stomach balloon or weight loss balloon, is an FDA-approved weight loss method that might help you slim down without going under the knife. Rachel L.

An intragastric balloon is a newer kind of weight-loss procedure. A saline-filled silicone balloon is placed in your stomach, which helps you lose weight by limiting how much you can eat. It also makes you feel fuller faster. This procedure is an option if you're overweight or obese, and diet and exercise haven't worked for you. Like other weight-loss procedures, an intragastric balloon requires commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You need to make permanent healthy changes to your diet and get regular exercise to help ensure the long-term success of the intragastric balloon procedure.


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