How to make a fursuit tail

Faux Fur Tail

how to make a fursuit tail

Coyote Fursuit Tail - timelapse

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Don't buy a fabric tail for your costume! It's super easy to make an excellent tail out of faux fur. It'll take you less than an hour to throw together okay, maybe two if you're not much of a sewer , and you can customize it in tons of ways. There are so many colors of faux fur available in every length these days. I'm sure you can find something you love. I've even seen tutorials of people painting faux fur to get exactly the color they want if you just can't find the right hue or pattern. I've attached my faux fur tail with a safety pin, but use whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you're considering building a fursuit, then the tail is perhaps one of the quickest and easiest parts to make. If you don't have the time or money to build a full fursuit, then quite a lot can be achieved from making the tail alone and leaving the rest to a later date. Below I outline the procedure I went through in the construction of my own tail, which you can see pictures of Here. It can be worn as part of a fursuit, but works just as well attached to a belt on its own. Not surprisingly, being a wolf, this is a somewhat lupine tail, though I do give patterns and details for turning it into something more suited to foxes, for example, by making it longer in proportion and using two different colours of fur.

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After 3 days of hard work, lots of back pain and poking myself with needles, I finally finished my first fursuit tail made out of faux fur for Mittens 2. First, I measured how long I wanted it to be. About 34 inches at the longest, and I studied Fox tail shapes to get the most accurate to her species. A foxpup I cut out blueprints for the tail out of paper, then cut the paper blueprints into pieces and labeled the colors accordingly. I cut out all the pieces, and sewed them together with a straight stitch. Then, you want to flip your pieces and cut them out for the other half of the tail.

Fursuit Tail Tutorial!

A wolf or cat costume is not complete without a tail. Store bought tails can get expensive, and they aren't always very unique.

How to make a husky fursuit tail

This tail was made for a commission from seaborgium here on amino. I always use old newspapers to make my patterns on because it's free and large enough for what I need. You'll need a shape like this for a husky tail. Cut the pattern out and cut the pattern into sections and mark the direction of the fur so it follows the curve of the tail. Draw on any markings you'd like and cut them out. Make sure to number every piece so you can put them back together once they've been cut out of the fur. Lay your pattern out and pin it to he fabric.

Set them aside and go on to part 2 for the darts! This tutorial can also be used to make a curved solid tail, just ignore the tip part Depending on the curve you want, you'll want to use thin or thick darts. I personally would rather use lots of thin darts than a few thick darts because otherwise it makes the tail look bunchy where the darts are which is fine with the fur I'm using, but it'll look bad with medium or short pile fur! Also, make your darts LONG. Probably about inches long, maybe more.


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