How to start a charter school in washington state

Public Charter Schools

how to start a charter school in washington state

Washington State Charter School Supporters Stand Up

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How Can Schools Protect Themselves? Cast Your Vote! By Kate Stringer May 16, To understate the case, a lot has happened since then. But another lawsuit by the same plaintiffs followed, alleging the fix was insufficient. To fix this, legislators passed a bill that changed how charters were funded, fueled by intense activism from charter school educators, parents, and students. Rather than receiving funds from the same pot of tax dollars designated for public schools, the new law said, charters would receive money from the Opportunity Pathways Account, fueled by state lottery revenue.

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Charter schools are independently managed public schools that are operated by approved nonprofit organizations. They are free and open to all students who live in Washington state. Charter schools receive funding based on student enrollment, just like any other district public school. Public charter schools also have more flexibility to create specific academic programs focused on areas like the arts, science and math, or special education. Teachers in charter schools can also customize curriculum to meet the needs of individual students. WA Charters is a statewide nonprofit that works to support the start-up of high-quality public charter schools, with a focus on serving academically and economically disadvantaged communities. WA Charters focuses on three key areas of support: community and family engagement, school leadership development, and services for new charter schools that open.

Charter schools are a type of public school. Like all public schools, they are: Open to all students Tuition-free Publicly funded Staffed by certified…. Like all public schools, they are:. However, charter public schools are held more accountable for showing improved student achievement. In exchange for greater accountability, teachers and principals are given more flexibility to customize their teaching methods and curriculum to improve student learning, and have more flexibility around things like staffing and length of the school day and school year.

A new performance audit from the state examined how well the voter-approved schools are serving the needs of those students. It found mixed results. Charter schools are publicly funded with state lottery revenue. They are managed by private nonprofits authorized by the Washington State Charter School Commission or by a school district. Opponents have raised concerns that charter schools may cherry-pick students to boost test scores or turn away those who require expensive special-education services. The latter is one reason the report from the state audior's office is of high interest.

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In November , voters passed Initiative allowing charter schools in Washington state. The law provides that eight charter schools may open each year, for a total of 40 schools over five years.

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Charter schools in Washington state are constitutional and worthwhile. The decision may make it easier for charter-school employees to unionize. With this matter clearly settled, lawmakers hostile to charter schools should not spend one minute of their precious time proposing new obstacles for charter schools. Instead, the Legislature should leave the Charter School Commission to continue its work carefully and methodically authorizing and monitoring these public schools. School districts should also take another look at becoming charter-school authorizers, as the law allows. In the majority opinion, Justice Mary Yu acknowledges the deep-seated conflicting opinions on charter schools.




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