The holiday train show at the new york botanical garden

Hi... Is the holiday train show outdoors or...

the holiday train show at the new york botanical garden

Model trains navigate painstakingly crafted miniatures of New York City's built environment, all made entirely out of plant parts.

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Went to the Holiday Train Show on Saturday. First time for us. Crowded, but not crazy. Very cool train displays and the NYC buildings were amazing. The staff were polite and helpful.

Among other well-known sites, visitors see Yankee Stadium and the Statue of Liberty plus overhead iconic New York City bridges which come together to create an aerial bridge. Trains Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Around the turn of the century, model railroads were a popular feature in American gardens. He grew up to become a landscape architect including designing a private garden railroad for a private client. The 18 G-scale gage trains include freight trains, passenger trains, Metro North trains, little trolleys which mostly go across the bridges which include the Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, and Hellgate.

Trains are a way of life for most New Yorkers, but there's something particularly special about the little engines and cabooses that take center stage during the holiday season. The New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train show is one of the best things to do with kids in New York City during the Christmas season, with electric model trains whizzing by more than NYC landmarks made out of acorns, twigs, bark, berries, leaves, and other botanical bits and pieces. My family and I make it a point to go every year—it's truly a quintessential New York holiday experience. There's a reason it's on our list of the top things to do with kids in NYC. Read on for more details on all the Christmas train shows the city has to offer this season including the Botanical Garden's big spectacle. And for an extra special holiday treat, take the kids on a full-size Christmas train ride with these nearby Polar Express and Santa locomotives. Photo courtesy of NYBG.

Every year, from mid-November to mid-January, a most extraordinary train yard is erected inside the Enid A. Artist Paul Busse and his team at Applied Imagination in Kentucky have been responsible for creating buildings, bridges, gardens and a Coney Island boardwalk—all in model train G-scale—since the exhibit began in Every structure is a replica of an actual New York place some old, some still with us , and the annual tradition is now over landmarks strong. The twist is that everything is made out of organic materials. Nuts, seeds, leaves, fungus and branches are all used to create the miniatures, down to the tiniest of cherubs above a doorway. They even use tree resin for window glass. If you ramped that up from G-scale, it would be over 11 miles of real life clickety-clack.

Best Holiday Train Shows in NYC for Kids: Botanical Garden and Beyond

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Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Gardens






Holiday Train Show at New York Botanical Gardens




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    Take in one of New York's most enchanting holiday attractions as model Two kids looking at a model train during the Holiday Train Show in the Conservatory.

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