Only the brave real story

How accurate is 'Only the Brave'? Here's what the movie gets right and wrong

only the brave real story

The Only the Brave true story reveals that, like in the movie, the wildfire was caused by a lightning strike on June 28, , approximately miles from Yarnell, Arizona. Before joining the Granite Mountain Hotshots, had Brendan McDonough really been a druggie petty criminal.

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As Northern California prepares to recover from a devastating series of wildfires , the heroic and poignant true story behind one of the worst firefighter tragedies in U. The wildfire was ignited by lightning on June 28, , and it quickly spread over 8, acres through a combination of strong winds, high temperatures and dry conditions caused by drought. When members of the Blue Ridge team finally found the bodies, they saw that some of the Granite Mountain team had deployed fire shelters designed to protect wildland firefighters from small flames as a last resort. The shelters were ultimately useless that day against direct contact with the massive inferno. How the crew became entrapped, along with the exact circumstances of the incident — the deadliest of any kind for U.

By Zachary Leeman October 20, It was the deadliest incident for firefighters since Sept. Their location meant they saw more action than most. The Weaver Mountains are 6, feet above the town, while 2, feet below are the flatlands of the Sonoran Desert. The Yarnell Hill Fire would end up claiming the lives of 19 of the 20 Granite Mountain Hotshots — men known as heroes in their town and surrounding areas. It was a lightning strike that first started the wildfire in the hills above Yarnell in late June Though the area was in the middle of a drought, the fire was not much to think about at first.

The department created a group within themselves called the Granite Mountain Hotshots, made to combat wildfires. The group was originally founded in as a fuels mitigation crew, which turned into a handcrew in , and then, finally, became a hotshot crew in The movie specifically focuses on the Yarnell Hill Fire, which killed 19 members of the group when it blazed in Only one hotshot survived. His captain, Jesse Steed , ultimately saved his life by assigning him the lookout position that day. The Granite Mountain Hotshots were supposed to be in a safety zone, which was an area that had already been burned by the uncontrollable wildfire.

The Only the Brave true story reveals that, like in the movie, the wildfire was caused by a lightning strike on June 28, , approximately 1. The town, which is located roughly 80 miles northwest of Phoenix, has a population of approximately citizens. A "hotshot" is a firefighter who fights fires with fire instead of water. Normal municipal firefighters put out fires with water, which often includes things like building fires and house fires. A hotshot contains an inferno buy using fire to burn a line through the fire's fuel path. These controlled burns create a control line that the advancing fire cannot cross. He has a child on the way with his girlfriend and is looking to turn his life around.

Only the Brave (2017)

It is, as the trailer says, "based on true events. The film's ending probably doesn't require a spoiler alert., As a municipal company, the Prescott outfit has little chance to compete for Hotshot standing; but the local fire chief, Duane Steinbrink Jeff Bridges, in a performance rich in wry humor and lived-in wisdom , vouches for them to the mayor Forrest Fyre , and Eric is authorized to seek Type 1 certification for his company.

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Principal photography began in New Mexico in June It received positive reviews from critics, with praise aimed at the cast and the film's touching tribute to its subjects. Due to Crew 7's status as municipal firefighters, Eric's prediction that the fire will threaten a nearby neighborhood is ignored by a hotshot crew from California. The fire behaves as Eric anticipated, and the neighborhood is destroyed. Eric's wife Amanda suggests he talk to Duane Steinbrink, the city fire chief, to complete Crew 7's certification as wildfire hotshots.


True Story of the Heroes Behind the Film ‘Only the Brave’





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