Dodge neon srt 4 specs

Dodge Neon SRT-4

dodge neon srt 4 specs

Dodge Neon SRT4 ACR Review (finally)

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Cars by name Trucks and Jeeps. That made it cheaper than a base model Dodge Stratus, the mid-size car. While only 3, per year were originally projected for construction, production in reportedly reached 13, per year; exact figures were not released. Chrysler made a profit on the SRT-4, presumably because it was so closely related to the Neon - itself a performance leader. Replacing the cam sensor. Mark W.

The Dodge Neon SRT-4 is a sport compact car manufactured by Dodge from to issue and dynoed hp ( kW) and lb?ft ( N? m) torque at the wheels.) The group put more than miles on the test track with.
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One look reveals the probable character of the beast, so let's just cut right to the quick. The Neon SRT-4 rips to 60 mph in 5. Clearly, this is no ordinary Neon. That particular Neon topped out at mph. It's equally clear that this particular Neon can run with bigger dogs.

It's a winner on the stock-car circuit. It reaches hp, with lb-ft of torque, and goes in less than 6 seconds. And it's a Neon. Yes, you heard me right, a Neon. The Ne It is a good second car for me.

The "4" in the SRT-4's name denotes the number of cylinders of the engine. Gale noted a list of performance features he saw on the sport compact cars at the show, and wanted to integrate those features into Chrysler's compact production car, the Dodge Neon. Gale was the design chief of the original Dodge Viper concept vehicle, and recognized an opportunity to build a sport compact that would appeal to the younger auto generation who grew up on tuner cars , who may prefer a new car with the same performance appeal right off the showroom floor. A group of young Dodge and Chrysler talent was assembled to put together a vehicle to meet Gale's request, with all of the team members sharing first-hand knowledge and familiarity of the existing Dodge Neon. They created a concept car , the Neon SRT, in just 4 months, with a 2. Sport Compact Car magazine tested the car in the Feb. The group put more than miles on the test track with the vehicle in under two weeks.

Dodge SRT-4: the Ultimate Neon

Honestly though id prefer the new mx5 - which I used the times for it would be more fun, but id have to add at least 60hp lol. There was also a horsepower option in , it's capable of MPH.

Dodge Neon II 2.4 i 16V SRT-4 (234 Hp) Specs

Combining performance with sweet features inspired by the street racing scene, the Dodge SRT4 is based on the concept vehicle introduced two years before at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. The result is a vehicle that accelerates from mph in 5. Giving a lower price point to start from the Dodge SRT4 owners interested in personalizing their cars will have more cash left for unique aftermarket enhancements. Direct from the factory, this car offers a smart alternative for racing enthusiasts who want to distance themselves from other vehicles and roll up to the starting line with something fresh and unique. With its 2. The Dodge SRT4 offers the most "as delivered" performance for the dollar of any other production sport compact car available in the United States, foreign or domestic.





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    It's a winner on the stock-car circuit.

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