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Credits · About · #TheProblemWithApu with Apu 49 MinutesThe Problem with Apu Kal Penn Explains Why He Can't Watch the SimpsonsShow Clips.

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Creator and star Kondabolu discusses how this controversial caricature was created, burrowed its way into the hearts and minds of Americans, and continues to exist—intact—nearly three decades later. The Problem with Apu free streaming, prejudice, stereotype, south asian american, apu, comedy, nemesis, Simpsons, star, The Problem with Apu stream online free, online free documentaries, online free documentary, watch full documentaries, version, uk, us, english, tv, full english Documentary, english documentary, documentary, documentaries, english documentaries, Full documentary, reports, report, documentary , documentary , report , report , documentaries , reports ,reports , docu, docs, free docs online, watch free docs online, film, streaming, download, video, streaming site, live, online, replay tv, live recordings, all available free online in English, replay, english replay, replay tv , free review, review, free streaming, full streaming, uptobox streaming, uptobox documentary, Youtube, exashare, uptostream, uptobox, openload, estream, streamango, watchers, uptobox documentaries, streaming documentaries, truemag, vk, , ,. The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. Hilarity for Charity. Wasted Talent.

The Problem with Apu is a documentary film written by and starring comedian Hari Kondabolu and produced and directed by Michael Melamedoff. The film focuses on the character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon , an Indian immigrant in the animated sitcom The Simpsons who, for a period, was the only figure of South Asian heritage to appear regularly on mainstream U. The film explores encounters with negative stereotypes , racial microaggressions and slurs against people of Indian and South Asian heritage disseminated through the character. Kondabolu grew up watching The Simpsons and cites it as a major influence on his comedy and cultural savvy. Initially he liked the character Apu because the character was the only representation of his family's culture regularly aired on television in the United States. According to Kondabolu, his mother taught him that "you can criticize something you love because you expect more from it. Bell then told Kondabolu that if he did not write it into a stand up comedy routine and perform it on the show, Bell would fire him.

Hari Kondabolu. Image via truTV. Campaigns like OscarsSoWhite have created a dialogue around the lack of diversity in Hollywood. But what if you grew up seeing only one character who looked like you on television? And what if he was a cartoon character who displayed every negative stereotype you and your family have heard for as long as you can remember?

Comedian Hari Kondabolu confronts his long standing "nemesis" Apu Nahasapeemapetilon - better known as the Indian convenience store owner on The Simpsons. Indian American comedian, Hari Kondabolu, takes a journalistic deep dive into The Simpsons character Apu to find out how and.
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The ending of Wednesday's episode of South Park, "The Problem with a Poo," took a dig at fellow long-running animated series The Simpsons over the controversy around the latter's racially insensitive character Apu. It was weird for a lot of reasons,… Read more. The actor says the show is "thinking about it". Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Created with Sketch.

TheSimpsons completely toothless response to harikondabolu TheProblemWithApu about the racist character Apu: "Something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect What can you do? Most Indian and South Asian people, especially in America, know him very well — either because they have watched The Simpsons , or because most of them have been likened to him at some point in their lives. He was introduced as a character on The Simpsons in , which means people have spent a large part of three decades complaining about this offensive depiction. You can watch it in the video above. She edits the book to make it completely inoffensive which also makes it less good. The Simpsons response tonight is not a jab at me, but at what many of us consider progress.

Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. This piece is part of a series on race and racism in Australia. The series examines this complex and incendiary topic, and the role it plays in contemporary Australia. You can read the rest of the series here and here. His take was that having studied post-colonial theory as a white person in the s, he was hesitant to write stories based on experiences and cultures other than his own. Another prominent producer on the panel declared that he never thought about diversity when deciding what stories to invest in.

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In , comedian Hari Kondabolu released a documentary titled The Problem with Apu, a feature that tackled the stereotypical Indian character on The Simpsons. Though Kondabolu, who is Indian-American, loves the classic comedy series, Apu rankled him for years, so he used the documentary to explore the problematic tone of the character voiced by Hank Azaria, who is white , in addition to broader issues about representation. Though the book used to be considered problematic, it has been re-written to meet modern standards. Lisa responds by breaking the fourth wall. Something that started decades ago, and was applauded and inoffensive, is now politically incorrect.


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