Meteor garden 2018 episode 37

Meteor Garden (2018)

meteor garden 2018 episode 37

[ENG SUB] Meteor Garden Episode 37 cut 3


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Follow NewAsianTV. Asian Drama. Meteor Garden. Comment Runtime Info Report. If video player error, please try to reload the page a few times. A natural disaster strikes the city of Seoul.

There was not much of our main OTP in this episode as this episode was all about Xiaoyou and Ximen mostly him. She still does not support Xiaoyou liking Ximen while Xiaoyou still does not give up on him. The heart wants what it wants, Shancai! My pupils became hearts thanks to Ximen oozing with charm and appeal in these scenes. Xiaoyou followed her to the bar and ended up being almost picked up by a sketchy guy. Even though he has been pretending not to care that she was there, he could not help himself and ended up saving her.

Episode #1.37

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Meteor Garden Episode 37 Review. 6 Replies. pp Don't you just wish that someone would always look this excited whenever they see.
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