Mia khalifa tik tok song


mia khalifa tik tok song

iLOVEFRiDAY - Woah Vicky (Official Video)

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Problematic in a half-dozen ways, the video was a minor sensation online, particularly among the edgy sort of joker with a meme account on Instagram. The image was quickly copied and re-posted on dozens of other meme pages. According to Xeno Carr, her partner in the group, in its first few months on YouTube, the song amassed five million views, an inspiring number for an unsigned act. TikTok is a mobile app where users can create and share short videos. After merging with fellow lip-synch app Musical. But her video was only a proto-meme, good for 16, likes.

However, the song itself rose to notoriety not because of its associations with Mia Khalifa, but rather due to a bizarrely catchy rap bridge. It became the focus of a meme that originated on the TikTok app before crossing over to Twitter. TikTok is a Vine-adjacent video platform that allows users to film themselves lip-syncing to songs in short, second clips, which can be shared with other users. However, along with the merger came Musical. As an aspiring internet culture writer, I make it a habit to stay on top of memes on every possible social platform. Twitter is my specialty and Reddit is a work in progress side note: please stay away from areas one and three.

If you've heard someone randomly yell out the phrase "hit or miss" in public lately, you can blame TikTok. The social media platform, which specializes in sharing short-form lip-syncing videos, has inspired an IRL challenge, where people yell the phrase and wait for a response. Khalifa herself has made adult film videos where she wears a hijab while having sex. The fake tweet in question. The song, posted to YouTube in March, went viral in certain corners of the internet, and now has more than 36 million views on YouTube. The first major TikTok video that picked up on "Mia Khalifa," according to Kavner , was posted by a TikTok user who goes by nyannyancosplay, who now has more than , followers. Her TikTok spawned thousands of similar videos.

The answer, of course, is a meme. Our story orbits around retired porn star Mia Khalifa.
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X-X-X-Xeno Carr! Who do you think you are? You were sucking dick for a foreign car Brrrrr Gotta take that call They want you at work so, girl, go do your job Mia Khalifa Mia! Mia Khalifa Mia! We all have regrets sometimes We wish to go back in time Body, body, body, body That's a lot of lives Video, video That's a lot of guys, damn Don't you wish you changed your past?

MIA Khalifa

You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Since the song's release in February of , it's spawned countless parodies and tributes, most notably in a series of TikTok videos often referred to as "Hit or Miss".,


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A TikTok trend is probably why youve been hearing the phrase 'hit or miss' yelled in public lately






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