What happened to bernard in santa clause 3


what happened to bernard in santa clause 3

Bernard is an elf and one of the main protagonists from Disney's film The Santa Clause and its first sequel. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

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Question : What ever happened to Bernard? He is non-existent in this movie and nobody seems to notice. I guess they could have explained his absence, but the filmakers decided not to. They simply promoted Curtis since he was in the 2nd movie. Question : What happened to Abby the Elf? She was in the second movie and should have been young enough to have been in the third movie. Answer: She is in the movie.

Our holiday season just isn't complete without multiple viewings of The Santa Clause. From Tim Allen's sarcastic one-liners to Judge Reinhold's colorful sweaters, the iconic Disney film never fails to make us believe in the magic of Santa. Not to mention the fact that it's just about the only movie to make us want to go to Denny's on Christmas Eve. Then: With several crazy successful seasons of 'Home Improvement' under his tool belt, Tim Allen tackled the role of 'The Santa Clause's' Scott Calvin, a sarcastic single father who becomes Santa Claus after accidentally knocking the original off the roof. As if he wasn't lovable enough as Santa or in other '90s faves like 'Jungle 2 Jungle' and 'Galaxy Quest' , Allen went on to voice Buzz Lightyear in 'Toy Story,' officially cementing him a place in our childhoods forever. Then: Mop-topped Eric Lloyd played little Charlie Calvin in 'The Santa Clause,' Scott's son and pretty much the only one who believed in him throughout the entire movie. The feels!

David Krumholtz born May 15, is an American actor. Krumholtz was born in Queens , New York City. He is the son of Michael and Judy Krumholtz. He grew up in a "very working-class , almost poor" Jewish family. At the age of 13, Krumholtz followed his friends to an open audition for the Broadway play Conversations with My Father In , Krumholtz co-starred in his first television series, Monty , with Henry Winkler ; the show lasted only a few episodes. Krumholtz later starred in several short-lived series over the years.

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Actually, the first, second, and third movies all rank in the top 10 highest grossing Christmas movies of all time. Although, some might argue the franchise should have quit while it was ahead., Bernard is a stickler for getting things done that are necessary. He can tend to be very grumpy, and less cheerful than the other elves, but he acts how he does to keep the other elves working.

Though the actor who portrays Bernard, David Krumholtz, didn't reprise his role for the third film, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, his.
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