What is going on in turkey at the moment

Turkey-Syria border News

what is going on in turkey at the moment

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Meanwhile, throughout Istanbul, Ankara, and dozens of other cities across Turkey, Turkish citizens continue to pour into the streets for the fourth straight day in a massive, nationwide protest that is clearly about much more than a park. In , on her last international trip ever to Turkey, my thenyear old grandmother was struck by the frequent sight of Turkish grandmas in headscarves walking hand-in-hand with their granddaughters in tank tops and miniskirts. As a survivor of early 20th century pogroms in Poland, she was steadfastly opposed to orthodoxy in any form, and always delighted by signs of pluralism. This image of intergenerational tolerance nicely encapsulates the more-or-less forward-looking land of contrasts Turkey had become - a place where the Muslim call to prayer rang out daily over music shops pulsing with Western pop music. European and Asian, ancient and modern — Turkey as it was in seemed effortlessly to embrace a chaos of beautiful contradictions. Supporters of the AKP or "Justice and Development" party, which has ruled Turkey for the past decade and is currently the subject of a widespread Turkish protest movement, will tell you that pre-AKP Turkey was an oppressive regime, shoving alcohol and sexuality in the faces of observant Muslims.

Defence Department says Russian system is considered a threat to its fighter jets. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics.

Russian-backed government forces are reportedly responsible for destroying many civilian homes, killing many people. Turkey-Syria border. At least four people killed in air raids in rebel-held northwest Syria as government forces continue offensive. Displaced people in northern Syria have nowhere else to go as the border with Turkey is sealed. Surprise meeting comes after the leaders agreed to 'activate mutual efforts' to ease situation in Idlib, says Kremlin. Interior minister says 'nothing like deportations' are happening in Turkey as activists, rights groups document cases. The government says the corridor was opened in Soran village on the southern edge of the rebel-held area.

The human-rights treaty binds all 47 members of the Council of Europe, an broader multinational body that exists alongside the European Union. The move follows a crackdown on the military, judiciary, civil service, and educational institutions, and a purge of those people suspected to be sympathetic to Fethullah Gulen, the Pennsylvania-based cleric. It also demanded examinations of the situations of academics working abroad and said they should be called back if no necessity for them to be in a foreign country existed. Congratulating the Turkish people for taking to the streets in support of democracy, Obama said he supported the continuation of Turkish democracy. The Higher Education Board called on 1, state and private university deans to leave their posts.

Turkey News

I want to take a moment to explain a bit of what's behind the Turkey crisis that's grabbing headlines and rattling global markets., Statement by Syrian Kurdish authorities comes after US and Turkey reached a deal to form 'safe zone' in northeast Syria. Moscow and Ankara back opposing sides in Syria, despite signing deal for de-escalation zone in rebel-held Idlib in






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    A fight broke out between supporters of the ruling party and the main opposition party in the middle of a Euronews interview.

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